Our Nursery classes meet any time there are church events, mainly on Sunday mornings and evenings as well as Wednesday evenings.
    We have a wonderful Nursery staff who love our babies and do an excellent job of meeting their needs. Each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys, and our teachers are great about using our Levels of Biblical Learning to teach our babies!
    When you bring your child to the nursery for the first time, please be sure your cell phone number is correct in KidCheck (see “What Next” section for more info), and our teachers have the correct info. Your cell phone and our KidCheck app are our two main forms of communication during church services.
Sunday School Teachers:
Bed Babies - Koala Room
     Patsy Bottom
     Nan Morgan
     Brenda Lewis
Wobblers - Parrot Room
     Betty Dutton
     Lynn Kelso
Twos - Elephant Room
     Leah Ann Williams
     Gary & Suzanne Bruner