Mrs. Brenda Lewis, Mrs. Nan Morgan,  and Mrs. Betty Dutton have served our nursery with loving care for many years!  Your child and your family is lifted in prayer by this special trio we adore!
When you bring your child to the nursery, please check in at the Welcome Desk.  Please also list your number on the contact clip board in the nursery classroom.
Your child may cry when you leave the nursery; please be assured that you will be contacted within five minutes if tears are not turned into smiles! Your child will come to know the loving arms awaiting your family in Parkview Nursery!
Your cell phone and Planning Center Check In at the Welcome Desk are two main forms of communication during church services.  Thank you!
Truth 78, "The Wonders He Has Done," Sunday school lessons for 18 months and above build beginning Bible truths with four repeating picture lessons of Jesus.
Koala Room C14
Brenda Lewis
Nan Morgan
One Year Olds
Parrot Room C17
Betty Dutton
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